Do you have ‘text neck’?

If you are on your phone a lot, your posture might look like this and you may have ‘text neck’!

Poor phone posture can create problems like these:

👉 pain, stress and tightness in the neck and back

👉 headaches

👉 limited range of motion in the neck

👉 rounded shoulders

👉 slumped posture 

👉 respiratory problems 

Do you think the lungs can fully inflate and allow you to breathe easily if the head is down (constricting the throat and airway) and you are constantly slumped forward, crowding and compressing the lungs and organs in the trunk of the body?

For short periods of mobile phone or tablet usage, hold the device up to eye level, keeping your spine and neck straight as possible.

For longer periods, you may need to prop your device on a stand or use it at the table or desk to get it close to your eye level and not have to tilt your head down. 

Be creative, do whatever it takes to use your device in a comfortable and good posture position.

Of course, I can help your posture with Bowen Therapy too! 

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