Advanced Bowen Therapy

Australia’s healing gift to the world

Bowen Therapy can address a broad range of physical and emotional ailments including muscular, structural, postural, circulation and lymphatic complaints. It works as a stand-alone therapy or as a complementary therapy in conjunction with orthodox medical treatments.

The late Tom Bowen (1903 – 1982) developed this non-invasive healing system in Geelong, Victoria. Now Bowen Therapy has gained world recognition and is currently practiced in more than 28 countries.

Suzanne is a producer on an upcoming documentary about the life of Tom Bowen, “These Two Hands.”

Everybody is better with Bowen

Bowen Therapy is great for pain relief, injury recovery, structural correction, stress reduction, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, enhancing performance for sport and work, as well as health improvement and maintenance. There are a wide range of Bowen procedures for many different conditions.

For example, in the cold and flu season, Bowen Therapy can help speed recovery, relieve the discomfort of headaches and neck pain, release and open up the chest to assist and improve breathing, and drain congested sinuses. It’s gentle so it can safely be used on people of all ages from babies, through to the very elderly.

Bowen does not use force or heavy manipulation, and is effective because it works with the body and not against it. Bowen allows a skilled therapist to re-align and structurally correct the body by releasing tight and contracted muscles, while also taking pressure off nerve pathways and improving circulation. Clients deeply relax on the table and normally start improving during the session.  

Donna S:

“I had extreme pain in my right neck and shoulder. About two weeks before seeking Bowen Therapy, I was unable to sleep or sit for any period. Spent majority of my time standing to try and prevent pain, not able to use arm at work. Since seeing Suzanne, I am sleeping a lot better. I am able to sit and relax now before and after work. I have little to no pain after 3 sessions. I am also able to go back to playing sport and exercising every day without constant aching or lack of movement in my neck and shoulder.”

Bowen Therapy Can Help Relieve The Pain And Discomfort Of:

  • backache
  • sporting injuries
  • sciatica
  • scoliosis
  • chronic fatigue
  • head, neck and throat issues
  • respiratory conditions
  • hip, leg and knee issues
  • ankle and foot discomfort
  • constipation and bowel issues
  • digestion problems
  • headaches/migraines
  • jaw (TMJ) imbalance
  • sinus/hayfever
  • fertility
  • circulation problems
  • old injuries
  • shoulder, arm and hand issues
  • hamstring and groin issues
  • anxiety, stress & tension
  • and much more!

Petrea C:

“After my son injured his ankle at sport, we turned to Bowen Therapy for help. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her gentle releases which reduced the muscle tightness in my son’s legs. The sessions have improved his range of motion greatly and he is now running freely, without any pain.”

Suzanne is an Advanced Bowen Therapist and a member of Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and the  Bowen Association of Australia.

Chris T – Frontline Yoga:

“After spending 14 years in the military with deployments to East Timor and Afghanistan, I have a lot of tension in my body. The physical wear and tear requires weekly maintenance and I’ve used several bodywork methods over the years. Chiro, physio, massage, and Osteo have all offered limited relief.

After receiving Bowen with Suzanne, I was able to turn my head in both directions without pain for the first time in years.The techniques she used on my upper back enabled me to take full breaths without pain or restriction. Since leaving the military, I’ve been teaching yoga and find it helps with chronic stress, past trauma and physical injuries.

Bowen helps to further open the body, reducing pain and relieving tension. It’s a perfect compliment to a physical practice and enhances the benefits of yoga.”

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