Suzanne McTier Browne, NLP Practitioner of the Year International Coaches Awards

Suzanne McTier-Browne has been helping people live pain and stress free for more than twenty years. She is a highly respected, experienced and accredited Master Therapist, Master Coach, Best-Selling Author and Speaker.

Suzanne has worked with thousands of clients, assisting their physical recovery from accidents, sporting injuries, back and leg pain, neck and shoulder issues, headache and migraine, sinus and respiratory conditions, abnormal posture and more, as well as emotional pain such as stress, trauma, anger, fear, guilt, sadness and self-sabotage.

Suzanne’s mission is to assist people to transform their physical and emotional pain into wellness and personal power. She also enjoys working with high achievers to improve their performance.

In battling her own past pain and illness, Suzanne has become a pain relief warrior dedicated to helping others. Her books, Drug Free Pain Relief– The Truth About How to Avoid Pain Even If You’ve Tried Other Methods and Radiante – Visionary Women Igniting the Light in Others and her online “live” coaching program Surviving and Thriving  are testaments to her years of knowledge and expertise and are helping people globally live fulfilling lives, pain and stress free.

Suzanne is internationally and government accredited in the following :

  • Instructor and Master Hypnotherapist
  • Instructor and Master NLP Practitioner
  • Master Time Line Therapist
  • Master Coach
  • Advanced Bowen Therapist
  • Reflexologist
  • Remedial Massage Therapist

Suzanne’s academic qualifications include a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Management, a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Journalism), a Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Diploma of Bowen Therapy, and numerous certificates in health and wellness. She is a member of:

  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Time Line Therapy Association
  • American Board of NLP
  • Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia
  • Bowen Association of Australia
  • Reflexology Association of Australia
  • Massage and Myotherapy Association

Suzanne is currently seeing clients at the Gold Coast and Rockhampton, and with a drive to help as many people as possible across the world, Suzanne also offers online one-on-one consultations, coaching, hypnotherapy and breakthrough packages.

Contact Suzanne to find out how she can help you.