Ultimate Personal Breakthrough

What is an Ultimate Personal Breakthrough package?

It’s a wonderful way for you to take back control!

To speed your recovery!

Beat overwhelm and stress!

Stop being “stuck in the past” and to break free of the emotional chains that are holding you back.

To stop feeling unworthy or “not good enough” and to move forward with energy and confidence towards your positive future!

The Ultimate Personal Breakthrough package is for people wanting fast and significant change with high level results in their life, whether that be personal, sporting or business success.

Powerful techniques including Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP are used to release stress, anxiety, negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and then to energise and empower so that your positive goals and outcomes can be confidently achieved.

Each Ultimate Personal Breakthrough package is highly specific and individually crafted, consisting of four 90 minute life-changing online sessions. In between sessions, Suzanne spends up to four hours analysing the responses and progress and further fine-tuning the strategies for the best possible individualised outcomes.

The Ultimate Personal Breakthrough package can be taken as weekly sessions over one month or it can fast-tracked for those who want massive change quickly. High achievers or those highly motivated could complete the package in one week!

You decide on your goals and what you want to achieve and Suzanne will then master craft the most effective combination of powerful therapies to help you achieve the life of your dreams!

Suzanne McTier Browne, NLP Practitioner of the Year International Coaches Awards

Contact the clinic to book a free 15 minute call with Suzanne to discuss your life or business challenges and what you’d like to achieve with your Ultimate Personal Breakthrough.