Suzanne has helped thousands of clients over her twenty years as a Pain and Stress Relief Specialist.

Here are some of her grateful and happy clients sharing their experiences.


Natascha L:

“After months of neck pain, migraines and fatigue I saw Suzanne for assistance.  My pain has been relieved, I have improved my range of movement and it was easy and painless. Thank you Suzanne.”

Nicky S:

“Suzanne is so knowledgeable and can help in so many ways. She is compassionate and healing. I’m so grateful to have been a part of her Surviving and Thriving program – it was so helpful, enjoyable and encouraging.”

Clint W (Cross Fit Athlete):

“I originally came to see Suzanne because I’d been experiencing some lower back pain. After a couple of sessions I’ve noticed the biggest difference. My lower back pain is all but gone. I’ve experienced an increase in my performance in my chosen sport and previously movements that would hinder me, I’m having absolutely no issue with as well. So finding my performance is better, I’m able to push further with my fitness and above all else I’ve had a really big increase in my mood and my overall energy levels. I highly recommend Suzanne, she is very very skilled in what she does.”  


“Thank you so much for the course Suzanne. You provided us all with a treasure trove of easy to use techniques to help us be more resilient and positive about challenging aspects in our lives. I will be sure to use them on a regular basis and have benefitted greatly. Your interactive approach helped us to also learn.”  


Gayle S:

“I have been a client of Suzanne’s at the Good Health and Pain Relief Clinic for many years. Her professionalism and extensive knowledge in pain and stress relief is a tribute to her excellence. I have tried other treatments but I keep coming back to Suzanne because her treatments and services are of a high standard. She always goes above and beyond and makes her clients feel heard.”


Donna S:

“I had extreme pain in my right neck and shoulder. About two weeks before seeking Bowen Therapy, I was unable to sleep or sit for any period. I spent the majority of my time standing to try and prevent pain and I was not able to use arm at work. Since successful sessions with Suzanne, I am sleeping a lot better. I am able to sit and relax now before and after work. I have little to no pain after three treatments. I am also able to go back to playing sport and exercising every day without constant aching or lack of movement in my neck and shoulder.”


Sherree L:


Karen M:

“I’ve had five abdominal surgeries, the first at age five to remove a ten pound fluid cyst from my abdomen. As a consequence, my core is very weak and from time to time my lower back becomes extremely painful and I suffer from debilitating sciatic pain and muscle spasms. Suzanne is the only therapist that has ever been able to relieve the pain and get me moving freely again. I am also a chronic asthmatic whose first breath, according to my mother, was a wheeze. My ability to breathe and breathe deeply is greatly enhanced after seeing Suzanne, who has an unique gift.”


Janelle C:


Max E:

“I was diagnosed osteoporosis and have had pain 24/7 for the past fifteen weeks. My working career was over so my doctor said I had to use walking stick and a wheel chair. I had constant pain which morphine did little to shift. My quality of life since seeing Suzanne is out of this world! I have thrown away my walking stick – best thing ever!”

Jason VM:


Janette V:

“I had a constant headache and neck tension for five weeks. Confusion was evident and this was the reason I came to consult with Suzanne. In general, I did not feel well.  I have had three sessions with Suzanne and I feel so much more alive and my confusion has completely gone. My vision is much clearer and I feel so well, which has been noticed by the doctor and my family. Thank you Suzanne.”


Jillian L:


Terri W:

“From small niggling consistent pains to excruciating back pain I have had extremely positive results with Suzanne. The pain relief has been quickly noticeable. I especially like that it is only necessary to deal with a problem for a small number of sessions (usually two or three) as opposed to a never-ending and expensive regime offered by alternative fields. I have no hesitation in recommending Suzanne for a range of ailments and have done so on many occasions to family and friends.”


Gayle S:

“Over the years my back and neck would have a tendency to seize up leaving me in considerable pain and discomfort. The only relief I found was after seeing Suzanne.”


Richard J:


Jacky T:

“I was in a lot of pain. It was difficult to walk and I’d had this problem for a long time. It affected my quality of life because I was unable to do things. I also had a lot of trouble with my neck, back and shoulders. Today I am able to get around like I used to many years ago. Suzanne is great. The circulation in my legs and feet improved out of sight. My neck, back and shoulders have a better range of movement. I highly recommend Suzanne.”         


Serena F:  

“For years I have suffered from migraines, headaches and tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Constant headaches are very debilitating and can affect my work. Suzanne has really helped give me relief from pain. I am very grateful.”     


Nathan F:


Richard T:

“The length of time in pain prior to seeing Suzanne was four to five years. My injury required two major spinal operations both of which were a failure and resulted in a loss of quality in my life. I had poor mobility and was unable to drive my car for two years. I had unbearable pain and was on numerous drugs. I feel fantastic after a number of sessions with Suzanne. My mobility has improved out of this world.”



Jacine D:

“I had a treatment with Suzanne yesterday. My right shoulder was very constricted and not moving much. I’m 11 weeks post surgery from my 5th spinal surgery. This time being fusion again. The difference in my movement after the session is nothing short of miraculous. This morning I almost felt like my walking was nearly normal.”

Rick T:


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