Wellness Christmas Gift Guide

If you need some inspiration for Christmas shopping with a focus on health and wellness, look no further! I have put together a list of some of my favourite products for you.

Water Filter

A good water filter is essential for good health! This one filters out all the nasties and then remineralises the water. Get it here.

Infrared Sauna Blanket

The benefits of a sauna in the convenience of your own home! These infrared sauna blankets are great for detoxing. It can help with stress, soothe muscles and improve sleep. Get it here.

Neck Heat Packs

Soothe sore muscles around the neck, shoulders and upper back with these wheat packs. They are handmade in Australia from all natural and organic materials. Get them here.

Microgreens Window Box

A unique and useful gift so you can harvest your own microgreens, year round from your windowsill! Microgreens are packed full of vital nutrients and make a tasty addition to meals. Get it here.

Toxin Free Tea

Did you know that tea can contain pesticides and teabags contain plastic? Switch to organic loose-leaf tea and use a stainless steel infuser. Get it here.

Biohackers Bundle

These science-backed wellness products are designed to enhance your sleep quality, boost productivity, and promote overall well-being. Block harmful blue light and emf radiation. Get it here.

Reusable Drink Bottles

Switch out toxic single use water bottles and coffee cups for safe, reusable versions! These are made from premium stainless steel and will not only help the planet, they will help your health! Get them here.

Non-Toxic Cookware

Ditch those toxic old non-stick pans and replace them with quality cookware that will last generations. Made in Australia from wrought iron , these are super safe to cook with and do not emit any toxins. Get them here.

Healthier Chocolate

When gifting chocolate, look for the very best quality, because we all need a treat! These Aussie made and owned chocolates are vegan, palm oil free, contain probiotics and are made with high quality, ethical, healthy ingredients. Get the gift box here.

I hope these wellness gift ideas have given you some inspiration for your Christmas shopping. Have a wonderful festive season!


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