Suzanne is an experienced and engaging guest speaker who enjoys presenting a wide variety of health and wellness topics.

As a Pain and Stress Relief Specialist and Author, Suzanne speaks on international stages empowering people globally to live their best life.

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Suzanne interviewing Mel Gibson on stage in LA where they discussed how Mel recovers from injury during filming.

Suzanne as part of an international Expert Panel in London with JT Foxx, Hugh Hilton and George Ross.

Suzanne also works with high achievers to help them perform at their very best. In London, Suzanne received rave reviews after participating in an Expert Panel with the ultimate high achievers – George Ross, Hugh Hilton and JT Foxx.
Suzanne was invited to present to the international audience at Mega Success All Stars.

Suzanne received a “thumbs up” endorsement from celebrity JT Foxx after her drug free pain relief demonstration in LA.

Suzanne has enjoyed sharing the stage with Mel Gibson, Dr Phil McGraw, Vince Vaughn, Jillian Michaels, Jay Abraham, Dolph Lundren, Gabriel Macht, Vanilla Ice, Stedman and Steven Bradbury, amongst others.

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Suzanne on stage in LA, educating and empowering the international audience about drug-free pain relief.

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