Why good posture is important for children

Why good posture is important for children

Over the last two decades in clinic, I’ve seen a progressive deterioration in the overall posture and fitness of most children, unless they are into sport. The incidence of upper back and neck pain is increasing and many children have surprisingly limited range of motion in their necks.

They also often come with issues such as rounded shoulders, slumped posture and respiratory problems – do you think there might be a possible connection? Do you think the lungs can fully inflate and children can breathe easily if the head is down (constricting the throat and airway) and they are constantly slumped forward, crowding and compressing the lungs and organs in the trunk of the body?

It’s sad to see children with poor muscle tone from very little exercise, constantly playing computer games and not going outside to run and play. They come in with sore knees, hips, ankles and many are now flat footed. And while flat feet can be genetic, it can also be environmental.

These issues can often be resolved with quality body structural correction, but it is a concern that young bodies are so stiff and in pain. In the past, this only used to happen to the elderly or those who had been in accidents.

Some children rarely go outside these days in bare feet, but as a Reflexologist, I can tell you that our feet were designed to bend and flex naturally as we walk, jump, balance and climb over various natural surfaces. Little time outside doing a variety of physical activities means that key muscles are not being strengthened or stretched.

Exercising outside and exposure to fresh air, sunlight (getting natural vitamin D), all help to strengthen bones and joints, of everyone not just children. And especially if you’re battling pain or don’t want it back again.

How is your child’s posture? Could it do with some improvements?

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