Homemade Mould Cleaner

Homemade mould cleaner, diy mould spray

Many households around Australia are struggling with mould at the moment due to prolonged rainfall.

This homemade mould cleaner is easy to make up and will help you get rid of mould and prevent it coming back.

Use a mask when you are cleaning mould to prevent inhaling any mould spores. It’s also recommended to use an old cloth that you dispose of after cleaning to avoid spreading the spores.

Dry the area thoroughly afterwards and try to keep your house as dry as you can. You may need to investigate further if there are any ongoing issues with leaks.

Homemade Mould Cleaner

20 drops Young Living clove essential oil

20 drops Young Living tea tree essential oil

2 capfuls of Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner

1/2 cup white vinegar

Add everything to a 500ml glass spray bottle. Top with cooled water from the kettle and shake well.

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Recipe Credit: Jo Bogle