Bowen Therapy After Care

Bowen Therapy After Care. What to do after a Bowen Therapy session

Bowen Therapy continues to work after you have left the table. So what you do next is also important. Here are some things to consider for your Bowen Therapy after care.

You can enhance the effects of your Bowen Therapy session with the following advice:

Stay well hydrated. Drinking good quality water little and often will assist the healing work of Bowen Therapy and can assist in flushing out toxins.

Keep moving. Do not sit for long periods of time, get up and about and move around. I recommend moving every 30 minutes until bed time. Resting in bed and lying down is fine.

Let the Bowen do its work. Try to allow at least a week before another session or any other therapies or physical manipulation.

Go gently. Avoid strenuous movement and exercise for at least a couple of days after your treatment. Gentle, short walks are recommended.

Allow rest time. Some people may experience mild symptoms after their session as their body realigns and healing takes place.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Wait for 48 hours before applying hot or cold to your body. Hot showers, baths, saunas, heat packs or heat rubs and ice packs can interfere with the healing process. Magnets can also disrupt the process, so avoid bed underlays and body magnets.

Avoid crossing legs, knees, ankles or feet and carrying things unevenly for a few days. Retain good posture and alignment.

Please make a note of any differences in your pain, sleep, stress and emotions after your session to discuss at your next appointment.

I hope these Bowen Therapy after care tips help you get the most out of your Bowen session!

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The Three Phases of Pain Relief after Structural Bodywork

Correcting posture and restoring proper body alignment can be the most important factor in becoming pain free and staying that way.

Having corrective bodywork was the first major step in beating my MS diagnosis, the associated chronic pain and rapidly deteriorating mobility. In recent years, my own clinic experience has shown me that many other pain and health conditions can also be improved.

I’ve had clients who were not prepared to do anything else to help themselves (for example making lifestyle changes) but who liked to come for treatments and they still had amazing results by relying purely on bodywork alone.

So corrective structural therapies can work to relieve pain very well by themselves but it also depends on the person and how serious and chronic the condition. Normally the more pain you are experiencing and the longer you have had it, the more strategies you will need to implement to speed your recovery.

When a structural imbalance and/or muscle contraction in the body is causing pain and it needs to be corrected, there are typically three steps or phases that are processed through to gain pain relief.

The first step is the physical release of tight or contracted muscles which also usually helps take pressure off nerve pathways. Circulation and lymphatic drainage are often enhanced. 

Because muscles attach to bones, in the second step, that physical release then allows the bony structure or skeleton to rebalance and make minor adjustments and corrections.

The final third phase is that with the body structure more balanced, function and mobility are also improved and there begins a reduction in the triggering and firing of nerves, and so pain decreases.

Depending on the person and their pain condition, this three-phase pain relief after physical structural correction may happen very quickly or can take several days to process.

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