Reset and Recharge!

  • Do you feel you are ready for something greater but not sure what that might be?
  • Have you always wanted success and know you were meant for more but not sure how to get there?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your life or business?
  • Are you looking for deeper connection with women at your level?
  • Are you ready for a “break” for a few days to reunite with your authentic self while relaxing and doing yoga, and meditation?

Join me along with Sharon Jurd and Venessa Nickless at our Reset and Recharge Retreat! It’s an exclusive retreat on the Gold Coast for women looking to reset and recharge their life.

This event is an interactive, live event where you will learn transformational skills that can change your life and reconnect with the version of you that you were born to be.

You can transform your life, make an impact, and live the life you want.

This may seem far-fetched right now BUT it is possible.

What you need to know is the “HOW” to be able to live the life you want.

At this 3-day retreat, you will experience the process that will help you make a transformation that will have an impact in your life and business.

Having a deeper transformation from within will give you the forward momentum to live an inspirational life.

In this 3-day transformational retreat, you will learn:

  • How to let go of your blocks and design your amazing future
  • How to bring massive positivity into your being
  • How to visualize and attract what you desire
  • How to find the peace and calmness inside of you
  • How to love your life and what it brings
  • How to attract success and abundance
  • How to ‘Step Up’ and “Show Up” as your authentic self
  • How to access your Soul’s Path
  • How to quiet your mind and tap into your ultimate mind, body, spirit and soul

This event is for women who are looking for connection to other like-minded successful women, ready for massive transformation, open to being vulnerable in order to reach their full potential, and deserving of three full days of fun, connection, transformation and rejuvenation.

Join us at the stunning Mantra Legends on the Gold Coast, October 14th to 16th 2022. Spots are filling up fast, so please book early!

For more info and to apply, go here and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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