The Ultimate Stress Relief Affirmation Bundle


Affirmations for stress relief.


The Ultimate Stress Relief Affirmation Bundle

Affirmations, if done the right way, are extremely useful to focus on what you really want to achieve and provide a daily reminder to keep you centred on the pathway to peace and calm.

Affirmations help with brain training and to counteract habitual negative thought patterns. By being consistent in your behaviour and “wanted” thought patterns, you can retrain your brain by developing and reinforcing positive neural pathways.

Your body and life is a direct reflection of your thoughts and choices up to now. The good news is that you can change your life experience by taking control and changing your mindset.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool to get the results you want!

I know it’s not always easy to begin an affirmation practice, so I wanted to help out! 

Enter…. The Ultimate Stress Relief Affirmation Bundle!

15 advanced affirmations to help you release stress and to improve peace and calm.

Provided as a PDF for you to download and/or print for your own personal use.

Plus two audio recordings to support and improve your results:

  • Audio recording of the Affirmations to which you listen and then follow.
  • Audio recording of the Affirmations (in third person) for your positive reinforcement and visualisation.

All you do is relax and listen!

Advanced instructions and suggestions on how to additionally increase the power of your affirmations and speed results (PDF).


After you purchase this product, your screen will update to show the link to download the recordings and the PDF.

Simply click on the files where it says DOWNLOAD and they will download to your device!

You will also get an email with the downloadable links if you miss this on your screen.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available.


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