Body Bath Soak Recipe

If you are feeling a bit stiff and sore with tight muscles, try a body bath soak!

This is a great way to ease tension and help your muscles relax.

Body Bath Soak Recipe

You need:

375 g packet of Epsom Salts

1/2 cup of fine Himalayan Salt or Dead Sea Salt

10–15 drops of your favourite essential oils

I suggest Young Living’s Aroma-Siez or Relieve It as your essential oils – they are already blended and ready to go.

How to make:

Combine thoroughly and place in an air-tight container.

Depending on the size of you and your bath, this would typically do two baths for a small adult (or around five foot or hand soaks).

Get into a warm bath with your body soak thoroughly dissolved and relax for 10–20 minutes. Get out of the bath while the water is still warm, gently towel dry but do not rinse.

Jump straight into bed and have a good night’s sleep!

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