Why We Need To Be Moving Regularly

We have all heard the saying, “move it or lose it” and it could not be more true!

Movement is a vital part of our overall health and wellness. As humans we are part of the animal kingdom and are made to move – in all directions, every day.

We were not designed to sit all day at a computer desk, be in a car driving around for hours or working a 12-hour shift in a mining truck etc. We are biped with long legs and arms for a reason – we are made to walk, run, jog, dance, stretch, climb and reach.

Our anatomy and physiology is such that if we don’t constantly move, our muscles and joints do physically become stiff and our fascia (connective tissue or membranes that surround line and separate our muscles, stabilises our bodies etc.) will actually start to fuse together and then limit our mobility.

Do you struggle with movement?

Seeing a structural therapist to correct your posture and body alignment should make movement, stretching and exercise easier for you.

If pain has kept you sedentary, then any movement is valuable. Even if you are chair bound there will still be parts of your body you can move. If you can’t move yourself, get someone to assist you.

Moving and stretching usually feels good, sometimes initially there is a little discomfort but never stretch into pain. Treat yourself with love and respect and most importantly don’t give up, your goal is to keep moving.

The benefits of movement

  • improves your cardiac health, gets your heart pumping and improves circulation
  • improves your breathing and lung function
  • strengthens your muscles and joints and helps with balance and preventing falls
  • improves flexibility, movement and will enable you to do everyday tasks more easily
  • helps maintain bone density
  • increased blood and lymphatic flow helps improve skin elasticity and healing
  • helps you feel better, relieves stress and you will feel a sense of accomplishment
  • you will look and feel younger with increased energy and stamina

It’s also important to protect yourself if you are getting help with your stretches and exercises – do not allow anyone to test or push you into pain. Numerous clients have come to clinic because they have over-stretched, hurt themselves in a too vigorous exercise routine or their pain has been inflamed in the process of being tested and diagnosed. You need to be honest with your health professionals and let them know when something is increasing your pain.

So the truth is that a movement program takes effort and commitment, however the benefits are immeasurable and the alternative is very scary. Getting started may not be easy but you just have to do it if you want to relieve your pain long term.

What do you do for movement? Do you need to be doing more?

If you need help to get your body moving better, please get in touch and book a Bowen Therapy session!

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