Are You Ready to Unleash Your Potential?

Would You Like to Learn Hypnosis for Yourself or to Help Others?

Let 2024 be the start of a new, improved you!

3 Day Modern Hypnosis Workshop

As an Internationally Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Suzanne will teach you powerful hypnosis techniques and the professional skills to help yourself and others, even building your own hypnotherapy business if you choose.

Join Suzanne in Rockhampton for this accelerated, hands-on “live” training, Friday April 19th to Sunday April 21st 2024.

“Thank you so much for the course Suzanne. You provided us all with a treasure trove of easy to use techniques to help us be more resilient and positive about challenging aspects in our lives. I will be sure to use them on a regular basis and have benefitted greatly. Your interactive approach helped us to also learn.”  ~ Vanessa